Saturday, June 23, 2012

FAQ: Natural Hair Edition

Ever since I started my natural hair journey women will constantly stop me and ask me questions about my hair. The questions are often the same or similar to what a previous person has already asked me. I do not mind helping out the next sista, but I figured it would be much easier to just have a place where I can direct them for answers. I hope this helps answer in questions that any of you all may have for me. I've listed twenty-three questions that I've been asked since I've been natural. If your questions are not answered, let me know. 

Why did you go natural?
I had always thought about going natural but never had the guts to do it in high school. In fact, I wasn't even trying to go natural at first, I was looking on how to care for my hair while trying to stretch relaxers. I came across a natural hair forum in my search for hair care and became addicted. 

How long have you been natural?
5 years.

When was your last relaxer? 
March 2007

How long did you transition for?
4 months.

When did you Big Chop?
July 12, 2007

Do you use a texturizer? 

How do you get your hair so curly?
My hair is natural curly. I use various products to define the curls. 

What's your hair type?
I really don't care for the typing system. I just say that I'm kinky curly. 

How often do you trim?
2 times a year; January and July. 

Do you straighten your hair?
Yes, but only when I get my hair trimmed. 

What products do you use?
As of now, the products I'm currently using are all over the place because my curiosity gets the best of me. My favorite products to use on my hair is Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo & Conditioner. I like their Direct Leave-In Conditioner as well. Also, coconut and olive oil are forever staples in my bathroom collection. 

What is your regimen? 
I believe in simplicity. Less is best. The less you're in your hair the better. I wash and condition my hair once a week (usually Saturday). If I feel my hair needs extra conditioning I do that as well. I style my hair for the week or if I'm feeling lazy I'll just rock a wash n go (which my hair hates but it looks so cute on me). Then just repeat the following week. 

How do you get your hair to grow so fast?
Hair is always growing (unless you have a medical condition). I don't believe my hair is growing super fast, I'm just retaining more of my length than others. The ends are the oldest part of your hair and need to be treated with tender loving care.

Why did you color your hair?
I was get ridiculously bored with my hair and wanted something different. 

Did your hair break off from dying it?
Severely, but I believe that's because I bleached it as well. 

Will you dye it again?

How many BC's have you done?

When was the last time you BC your hair?
September 13, 2010

Do random things get stuck in your hair?
Yes. I occasionally found a leaf or twig here or there when I where my hair out. 

Are you mixed?
Aren't we all mixed? No one is 100% of anything in my opinion. But the answer is no.

What is your ethnicity? 

Will you ever relax your hair again?
They say never say never but I can honestly say HECK NO!!!

Can I touch it?

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