Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Natural Hair Blues: Preserving the Straight

Since I do not straighten my hair often, my hair isn't "trained" to stay straight, nor do I want it to. However, when I do get my hair straightened, I like to last more than a couple hours. In the past, I could never get my straightened hair to last past a day let alone a week. So, I was very surprise that my hair made it this far and still is holding up in this humidity. 

This time I decided to try one of my line sister's ideas for trying to preserve the straight hair. She suggested using rollers for those who do not want to use heat again on their already straightened hair. Before, I would try to wrap my hair like I did back in high school (total fail), by the end of the day my hair would be a big poof. I tried her method instead and loved how my hair came out. I didn't even comb out the curls, I just let them fall. As the day went on they curls began to get bigger and but not too crazy looking.

The Night Before
The Results

Before Walking Outside
After Walking Outside

What techniques or styles do you ladies like to do to make your straight hair last longer?

Length Check: July 2012

I know it's been a minute since my last post but I'm back in action! July 12th marked my 5th year Nappiversary. I can't believe it's been 5 years already; time surely does pass us by. I wanted to have my hair straightened for my anniversary but due to lack of funds,I had to wait till this week. Yesterday I had my hair washed, conditioned, straighten, trimmed, and styled for $62. For those in Tallahassee curious where I got it down at, I let Ashley at the Rattlers Edge on campus do it. She's the only person other than a select few of my friends I let touch my hair with a flat iron. She's very understanding to any concerns you may have about what she is doing and doesn't mind you asking questions. I really appreciate that in a hair stylist. If you go, tell her I sent you!

Now of course you know I had to take some photos for you guys, so I have plenty. I was very impressed with my length now from the last time I had my hair straightened and trimmed (January 2012). I was extremely happy that she didn't have to cut too much of my hair off as well. am very pleased with my results and definitely will be back in January. 

The process begins

Before the trim

Shrinkage is Real!

The results 

January 2012 before the trim

January 2012 results

January 2012 results

What do you guys think?